The projects page

Last Tweet redux

Just fetches your last tweet and saves it to Redis

This gem does one simple action: fetches your last tweet (at a specified interval) and saves it (properly formatted) to Redis.

Murmur redux

A simple wrapper around murmurhash3 C extension originally based on murmurhash3-ruby gem.

MurmurHash is a non-cryptographic hash function suitable for general hash-based lookup. It was created by Austin Appleby in , and exists in a number of variants, all of which have been released into the public domain. When compared to other popular hash functions, MurmurHash performed well in a random distribution of regular keys.

Pseudo Fuzzy Search

It uses tri-grams to do a quick fuzzy like search.

Search redux

A simple way to add full text search to your Rails models. Currently supported RDBMs are Postgres anda simple fallback for other RDBMs (e.g. Mysql).

Typographic gliphs

This is a simple gist that I update from time to time with typography related nuggets. My interest in this field started when I read “The Elements of Typographic Style” by — Robert Bringhurst : fascinating book.

Genetic Algorithms based Crawler

A “naive” implementantion of a job based search engine using genetic algorithms. This is an old project created for testing various algorithms.


Contains my dot-files for easy usage across different OSs.

Sublime redux

Simple SublimeText boiler-plate configuration. The purpose of this: quick and easy way to customize SublimeText to get it ready for some sweet coding.

Chrome redux

Like the SublimeText project custom boiler-plate configuration for the Chrome browser useful for a front-end developer

Delicious redux

A lightweight extension for Chrome for bookmarking via Delicious API.

JavaScript Cache Management

A simple object-oriented javascript Cache pattern implementation, rather old.

Remove all gems

Simple script to remove all installed gems without having to type gem uninstall 'gem_name' for each one of them