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Marian Posaceanu speaking at a conference

I've been working with web technologies for over a decade. I started with Flash in the early 2000s, then quickly shifted towards standards-based HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

On the back-end, I began with Java and used the Spring Framework with Object-Relational Mapping tools like iBatis, Hibernate, and others. Then, during the CodeIgniter PHP era, I switched to that language. Currently, I'm using Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Grape, micro-services, Elixir, and Clojure.

On the front-end, I've embraced JavaScript's concepts and worked with frameworks like jQuery, Ember.js, Stimulus.js, and Hotwire, among others.

I love learning new programming languages while keeping the key concepts or changing paradigms, depending on the problem at hand. Writing great, maintainable, and well-documented code is important, and some might even say it's close to an art.

Challenging myself is also crucial because the web is a dynamic place. That's why I like to try new technologies or concepts. Having an open-minded attitude is essential.

My current core language for programming is Ruby/JRuby, I adopt a Functional Programming approach where it adds value and enhances the quality of the code.

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