The projects page

Activity Based Authorization with Pundit

A cleaner authorization approach using Pundit by avoiding extraneous objects and focusing on simplicity.

Minitest, Rack::Test code gen. extension for Paw

A Paw Extension that generates a spec template using Minitest and Rack::Test. This is useful for API endpoints specs.

Last Tweet redux

Just fetches your last tweet and saves it to Redis

This gem does one simple action: fetches your last tweet (at a specified interval) and saves it (properly formatted) to Redis.

Murmur redux

A simple wrapper around murmurhash3 C extension originally based on murmurhash3-ruby gem.

MurmurHash is a non-cryptographic hash function suitable for general hash-based lookup. It was created by Austin Appleby in , and exists in a number of variants, all of which have been released into the public domain. When compared to other popular hash functions, MurmurHash performed well in a random distribution of regular keys.

Pseudo Fuzzy Search

It uses tri-grams to do a quick fuzzy like search.

Search redux

A simple way to add full text search to your Rails models. Currently supported RDBMs are Postgres anda simple fallback for other RDBMs (e.g. Mysql).


Convert videos to H.264 mkv easily (using ffmpeg)

Typographic gliphs

This is a simple gist that I update from time to time with typography related nuggets. My interest in this field started when I read “The Elements of Typographic Style” by — Robert Bringhurst : fascinating book.

Genetic Algorithms based Crawler

A “naive” implementantion of a job based search engine using genetic algorithms. This is an old project created for testing various algorithms.


Contains my dot-files for easy usage across different OSs.

Sublime redux

Simple SublimeText boiler-plate configuration. The purpose of this: quick and easy way to customize SublimeText to get it ready for some sweet coding.

Chrome redux

Like the SublimeText project custom boiler-plate configuration for the Chrome browser useful for a front-end developer

Delicious redux

A lightweight extension for Chrome for bookmarking via Delicious API.

JavaScript Cache Management

A simple object-oriented javascript Cache pattern implementation, rather old.


This is just a proof of concept script based on the iStats gem.

Remove all gems

Simple script to remove all installed gems without having to type gem uninstall 'gem_name' for each one of them - state of the art REST client