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Is Rubinius 2.2.3 production ready ?

Ruby 2.1 was released this Christmas, great news everyone! It sports a better GC (RGenGC - gerational GC), hierarchical method caching, some small syntax changes and non-experimental rafinements. All in all one can expect 5% to 15% performance increase which is quite awesome.

As I was reading the comments in the hack ...

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Chunked transfer encoding in Rails (streaming)

Anyone that has written a little PHP knows what the flush() family of functions do. The ideal usage scenario for using chunked transfer[0] is when we have something costly to render e.g. the first three most recent articles on a blog. Why ? one might ask.

Is rather simple: in a normal request where the server respo ...

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On Ruby modules and concerns

Modules are useful for highly specialized code that can be injected into other classes for fun and profit or for creating Namespaces. An interesting approach is to use modules as an alternative to classical inheritance (without its the usual trade-offs) : the core idea is to share an abstracted role that can be inclu ...

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