Buzzwords and manifestos

Do we really need them ? I mean sometimes I ask myself what’s the point of all the so-called ways to get things done or tons of guides for getting you to be a “better” you, like NLP, the secret of life and all that stuff.

To quote Nassim N. Taleb:

“I went to a happiness conference: researchers looked very unhappy” - Nassim N. Taleb

This really strikes me as big problem of modern society, maybe is something related to herd-mentality, we want to be stupid and not believe or motivate ourselves by the sheer power of our will. We suffer from a disease: the laziness of the will, gone is the will to power (or any other philosophical system that puts you in control of yourself, like existentialism for a change), nowadays we have a new direction: will to brainwash, will to not have a will. Is really sad and I find myself in the same situation too from time to time, yet solving half of the problem is realizing that you have it.

I think therefore I might be wrong: let’s just say, for the sake of the argument, that all of these systems are in fact useful. They might guide to a better path, yet the problem is that it is not your path, someone else created it to fit as many of you’s as possible; generalizing and having a reductionist view of reality makes it inauthentic for the individual. I’m not saying that everything else that’s not ours is irrelevant or not useful, no, what I mean is that by choosing what we like from the outer world and mashing all of that in something we can use that makes sense to us is far more effective than blindly fallowing some program and in the end realizing that nothing had changed.

So let’s drop the buzzwords or fallowing blindly someone else system without taking it  through a critical hell ride in our minds.

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