Tomorrow is the first day of How to web 2010, this should be fun

Just got in Bucharest, tomorrow I’ll be at How to Web 2010 . Hope it’s going to be good, the presentations look juicy.

I hope I’ll meet some inspiring people and hopefully something to burst some new ideas or perspectives about the web. All in all, its not such a simple subject like: "oh, so you do web stuff ? isn’t that nice", the whole area is getting more and more complex by the day.

That’s not a bad thing of course, the problem is coping with all that change coming in small bits at high speed. Let’s look at this problem from a programmers perspective, firstly we have the basic stuff, algorithms, patterns, good problem solving skills, testing and all that, but new technologies emerge at a fast pace. How can we cope with all that change ?

“oh, so you do web stuff ? isn’t that nice and simple...”

Some time ago I was thinking that having a good/great understanding of the basics would suffice, well experience has proved me wrong. Yes, basics and everything I’ve enumerated are very important, but to actually be able to work into this environment you must be up to date (of course I’m not saying you should know all the HTML5 unfinished specifications, that’s just plain over-voltage).

Returning to the subject, conferences like this are good, they catch all those new emerging ideas and spread them in big chunks at a small speed so we can get a picture of the whole thing, it’s like a snapshot of the state of the web (too much ?); well the next conference its going to be more specific.

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