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How to Web conference, random thoughts, mostly live - five years later

Almost five years since the last post about How to Web [0] - wow that's some large slice of space-time continuum. I recall I almost started this blog for stuff like this, good memories [1].

Half a decade later, what's changed one might ask? Well, the scale looks bigger and so far the talks have been interesting at ...

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Programatica 2010 after thoughts

Yes, I’ve attended one more conference Programatica 2010 , this one was axed on programming. It started with some interesting to not so interesting presentations of the partners. What I’ve loved about them, was that they contrasted each-other prett ...

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How to Web Conference, random thoughts, mostly live

Sadly, today I’ve arrived a bit late, where "a bit" means a lot; I’vevolatile and utopic place most of the time.

In very few domains you can take an idea and with small or no resources (money) and bring it alive and running. I mean, actually thinking about it, how can’t that be exciting ?! Having an idea and turnin ...

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