How to Web Conference, random thoughts, mostly live

Sadly, today I’ve arrived a bit late, where "a bit" means a lot; I’vevolatile and utopic place most of the time.

In very few domains you can take an idea and with small or no resources (money) and bring it alive and running. I mean, actually thinking about it, how can’t that be exciting ?! Having an idea and turning pure thoughts into something that can actually reach people and the real world... that’s just mind boggling.

I’ve stumbled over a new concept: "life style business", apparently you can have two kinds of businesses (assuming they will work): you can go big, invest a lot, get international and all that stuff or you can keep it small as a life-style, you live for your business you _burn _your thoughts making it better and better, I really like that idea, it’s inspiring.

“Some heavily 37signals inspired ideas”

Also another interesting concept: bootstrapping. More on that in another article (it’s problably going to be a Rails article)

And last update on how to web: it was awesome and it’s not just about the conference it’s about the great people I’ve met or watched in full action, if they can do it then we can do it also, it’s all about passion and loving what you do and never taking yourself to seriously, self-irony from time to time its great, nobody is perfect, perfection is not the goal, accepting the imperfection and making the best of them is the key.

All in all, great experience, kudos !


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