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On unnamed abstracts, entities and happiness

When I look upon my day to day behavior the pattern that pops out is that of abstracted sets of ideas interchanging one another or making connection to other entities, bringing them in the foreground, into my field of subjectivity.

We try to to make perception ours thus abstracting it away in nicely grouped entities ...

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On writing artisanal code

Every artisan at a certain point in time just stops and starts thinking about the inner-workings of his craft. He ponders on the whole process from an Outside while trying to make connections between apparently dissimilar entities that his craft is made of.

One might argue that this is a purely subjective endeavor: w ...

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Buzzwords and manifestos

Do we really need them ? I mean sometimes I ask myself what’s the point of all the so-called ways to get things done or tons of guides for getting you to be a “better” you, like NLP, the secret of life and all that stuff.

To quote Nassim N. Taleb:

> “I went to a happiness conference: researchers looked very unhapp ...

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